Booking will be accepted as long as the service in question is available. Booking will be considered as confirmed only after receiving a signed reconfirmation – either by fax or by mail. The confirmation means that the client has accepted the general conditions listed below, mainly those concerning the prices, cancellation and payment. Affy reserves the right to handle specific requests on ad-hoc basis. It means that different rates (prices), payment conditions, credit limits, cancellation conditions can be set-up differently than mentioned in this General Conditions. In such case, you will be informed about the different conditions before starting of operation. In that case, the special conditions replace these General Conditions.

Booking will be considered valid only if a payment of 50% of the total amount will be received at least 30 days before the arrival. The rest of the payment – the remaining 50% – must be received at least 7 days before the arrival. Affy reserves the right to cancel the booking in case that payment has not been received in time.

Please ask for current banking information. Payment can be made by a bank transfer, credit card or cash. Both the receiving side and the sending side cover the banking charges of their banks. Any fees charged by a third, mediating bank, will be equally split between both sides.

All cancellations must be reconfirmed by Affy. Any refund Affy should made, will be made by a bank transfer marked as “BEN“.
Groups: The total group block can be cancelled up to 30 days prior group arrival without cancellation fee, except Eur 25 service charge. For cancellations made less than 30 days will be applied following cancellation charges.

Period & Fee
30-21 days 20% of the total amount
20 – 14 days 40% of the total amount
13 – 07 days 70% of the total amount
06 – 04 days 90% of the total amount
72 hours and less 100% of the total amount
The percentage of the fee will be calculated from the maximum expected number of persons. No refunds will be given in case of cancellations during the stay. A reduction in the number of persons in a group block is accepted when it does not exceed 10%. In case of a reduction by more than 10% or in case of no-show, above mentioned cancellation fees apply.

Individuals: Booking can be cancelled up to 72 hours before the arrival without cancellation fee. For cancellations made less than 72 hours before the arrival will be applied following cancellation charges.

Period & Fee
72 – 24 hours 1 overnight
less than 24 hours 2 overnights & costs of services which were not used by the clients (e.g. transportation services, tours, excursions etc.)
(not valid for individual bookings in spa and ski resorts – details available upon the request)

Group rates are valid for leisure groups only. Prices are subject to change without notice

Some of the promoted hotels apply early departure fees for reservations which will not utilize all nights confirmed in their reservation. In this case Affy will strictly follow the policy of the hotel involved and will inform you about the actual charges. Affy is not obligated to refund unused nights if request for refund was delivered more than 10 days after client’s departure.

Affy reserves the right in case of force major to relocate either groups or individual bookings to a hotel of an equivalent or higher standard. Affy cannot accept any liability for any damage, loss, expense or any other kind of business losses caused by the relocation of groups or individual bookings if equivalent accommodation/services were provided.

Any claims have to be communicated to Affy 7 days after the departure in writing together with all relevant details (or documents). Affy guarantees the answer within 14 days. No claim will be accepted afterwards.

Negotiation is considered a general method of solving problems or discrepancies concerning the fulfillment of the contract. In case that the results of such negotiations are not found satisfactory by either of the parties, courts in the Czech Republic are considered the courts of appeal and arbitration.

For some bookings, special conditions can be negotiated. In that case, the special conditions replace these General Conditions.