Budapest (3) - Vienna (3) - Prague (4) Starting from US$ 1.250

TRAVEL PRIVATELY, 4 to 6 pers. Also get US$ 922 worth optional tours FREE

Land Only Prices:
US$ 2.100 in 5* deluxe hotels
US$ 1.800 in 4* superior hotels
US$ 1.500 in 4* standard hotels
US$ 1.250 in 3*&4* standard hotels

OPTIONAL TOURS included in prices

PICTURE GALLERY for Prague, Vienna, Budapest and The Included Optionals

TRAVEL PRIVATELY (2 to 8 persons). And pay as low as like travelling with group. Also get US$ 737 worth optional tours 100% FREE (5 of them with meals) included in prices.

You may decide when to depart mornings, where to have a break on the ways, basically you can make changes in the itinerary according to your wish. Also free night tours in Budapest and in Vienna so you can enjoy the city lights and more…